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PW1 Second Edition PowerWalking book

The PowerWalking book was written and launched in 1982 by Steve Reeves. He made many personal appearances on various television talk shows to launch of this book. It went on to having six printing before Steve purchased it back from the publisher. He wanted to make some changes to the book before printing it again.


Steve and his friend/business partners George Helmer published the book, "Building the Classic Physique - the Natural Way". Steve asked George shortly before his passing to update and publish PowerWalking for S.R.I. For years George wanted to fulfill his promise to Steve and update the book, and now it done.


This book was way ahead of its time and is still as relevant as when it was originally written. It is a must have book for anyone who wants to get into great shape. The book has the same information with some additional photos, new illustrations that Steve used in “Building the Classic Physique” and wanted added to this book.  George located the original photos of Steve for the book and they are much clearer than the ones originally used. It has updated front and back covers which Steve also requested.

 We ship Priority US Mail.                                                                                          

Shipping and handling within the US is $5.85 which will be added to the book cost.

Shipping and handling outside the United States is $27.95 add to foreign book cost.This is what the Post Offices charges us

Price   $29.95

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